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Bluetooth Speakerphone SubWoofer SongMu Audio D19

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Bluetooth Speakerphone SubWoofer SongMu Audio D19 53273-8
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Bluetooth Speakerphone SubWoofer SongMu Audio D8

Kombiamplifier Karaoke Boombox Deluxe SongMu Audio D19 at 25W! An improved version of acoustics, made by new technologies. Acoustics in a woodcase

A wireless microphone that works for 700-800Mhz included! The battery is 10000mAh Li-ion battery. USB. Remote control. Bluetooth. FM radio. The material of the body of acoustics is made of high-quality wood and chipboard.

SNR: ≥100dB 
Speaker: 10"
Speaker impedance : Tether between 4Ω. Can output 4Ω 
Frequency output: 80HZ-22KHZ 
Bluetooth2.1, TF, USB 
External power adapter 17.5V DC 50HZ 
8 hours lithium life battery life 10000mA 
Weight: 11.2kg 
Dimensions mm: 410 (W) X352 (D) X637 (H)

Color: Beige(Walnut)

Acoustic system :

Bass speaker 10 "
Radio microphone
Remote control 
Luxury finishing
Power 30 watts
Built-in microphone 
Guitar input
Microphone input

Microphone radio system :

Wireless microphones - 1 pc.
A robust design ensures reliability no matter where the microphone is used.
Frequency range: 50 to 15,000 Hz
Adjusting the high and low frequencies of the microphone
Hypersensitivity to the middle frequencies.
Built-in acoustics microphone radio receiver - UHF system
Range of work in a radius of 100 meters of the microphone from the receiver.
Operation from 2 AA batteries


Microphone: 1 Jack 6.3
Guitar: 1 Jack 6.3
AUX input - for connecting mobile phones, laptops, tablets ...
USB for connecting Flash drive (flash drive), MP3 player.
Card Reader for connecting SD / MS / MMC cards.
For USB, the system turns on, pauses, stops.
Bluetooth connection.

Adjustments :

Microphone Reverb
Treble Treble
Bass Bass

Separate volume control

Connectable devices

Packing list: 
1 x speaker 
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Audio line 
1 x Remote Controler
1 x Mic

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