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Natco Original Rose Syrup - 725 ml

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Natco Original Rose Syrup - 725 ml NF85
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    Package thickness
    25.8 centimeters
    Package weight in KGs
    1390 grams
    Seasoning Form
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    A handy 725 ml bottle of Rose Syrup. Mix with milk for a traditional Asian "milk rose" drink or with sparkling water and lots of crushed ice. Pour over ice cream or add to sweets and puddings. Rose Syrup can be used with ice cream or kulfi as a dessert topping or to flavour milk shakes. In the Middle East this syrup is diluted with fizzy water and lots of ice to create a refreshing drink. It can also be used to flavour many alcoholic drinks such as vodka or gin with the deliciously romantic flavour and aroma of roses. Try a romantic Rose Royale for Valentines Day by adding a shot to a glass of dry champagne.

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